Batman And Spider-Man 4K Blu-Ray Collections Are B2G1 Free At Amazon

Over on Amazon, there are a lot of Blu-rays that have been discounted ahead of next week’s two-day Prime Day sale, and many notable movies and TV shows are eligible for buy two, get one free. The catalog includes a great selection of Batman and Spider-Man media. Check out all of the super(hero) highlights below. In case you didn’t know, Amazon’s promotion is in response to the Target Circle Week sale’s B2G1 free sale, so you can also save big on Blu-rays at Target through July 13.

B2G1 Free Batman Blu-rays


B2G1 Free Spider-Man Blu-rays


The idea of Michael Keaton starring as the Caped Crusader was surprising to say the least, but 35 years later, Batman (1989) is heavily regarded as one of the best Batman movies of all time. This 4K release captures all of that dark gothic glory, Jack Nicholson stealing every scene he’s in as the Joker, and all of those wonderful toys, along with a stacked selection of extras chronicling just how this film came to be.

For something more modern, you can check out Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. A heavily grounded take on Batman, these films were massive blockbusters upon release and look stunning in ultra-high-definition. Christian Bale was a terrific Batman, Heath Ledger’s Joker was still incredibly unsettling, and we still wish we could go for a spin in that Batmobile. Shifting from cinema to television, there are also some excellent deals to check out here.

Batman: The Complete Animated Series is still the gold standard for Dark Knight cartoons, although the 2004 The Batman series is also pretty great in its own right. More lighthearted in comparison but full of cool gadgets, action, and a distinctive art direction led by Jeff Matsuda of Jackie Chan Adventures fame, this underrated series deserves to be revisited. While it’s not eligible for the B2G1 promotion, we have included The New Adventures of Batman as this recent release of a classic Batman show has already been discounted from $30 to $18.

Once you’re done in Gotham, you can head on over to New York City to see what Spider-Man is up to. You can’t go wrong with the trilogy of live-action films directed by Sam Raimi, as these are still fun movies. Some would even call them amazing. The Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man flicks aren’t too bad either, and if you’re looking to plug some gaps in your collection, Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man: No Way Home are on sale.

You can even pick up the short-lived MTV Spider-Man animated series, which is an extremely early-2000s spin on the webhead, or for something even better, a trip to the Spider-Verse with Miles Morales is also great fun. This particular box set comes with the two Spider-verse films and a ton of extra physical content as well.

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