CoD: Warzone And MW3 Patch Notes Include Changes To Mutations LTM And Bug Fixes

A small update has arrived to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone on July 9. This update mostly addresses bug fixes and exploits, but it also makes some adjustments to the Mutations limited-time playlist for multiplayer.

Season 4 Reloaded is themed around mutations, and the patch notes include changes to two of the special abilities in Modern Warfare 3’s Mutations playlist. The Mutated Leaper ability now has a 50% increase to the inner explosive damage, while the radius for that damage is decreased by 79%. The developer says leaps must now travel 18.1m or more for lethal explosive damage to occur. The Mutant Juggernaut mutation is now nerfed with a 25% decrease to maximum health.

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On the Warzone side, the biggest change is the amount of Tac-Sprint Boots that spawn inside the bunkers. Previously, only one of the item was available, but now players will find three. One set of boots is in the chest in the treasury room, and two sets of boots are added in the first bunker room found before the treasury room.

A few additional changes impact both MW3 and Warzone, with a global fix for the Cor-45 handgun that addresses an exploit that previously allowed a faster fire rate than intended using non-standard input methods.

The update addresses stability and performance issues for both games, and players should no longer get stuck on Call of Duty’s main menu screen. It also fixes an exploit involving Call of Duty’s Showcase feature, which previously allowed players to equip unearned items.

The full patch notes for Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone can be seen below, as shared by Activision.

Season 4 Reloaded recently added the return of MW3’s popular G3T_H1GH parkour mode, and three new camos are available to earn. Here’s our full guide on how to unlock all G3T_H1GH3R camos.



  • Addressed an issue causing some players to become stuck loading the Main Menu.


  • Addressed an exploit involving the Showcase allowing players to equip unearned items.



  • Fixed incorrect unlock requirements being displayed for G3T_H1GH3R Camos.


  • Das Haus
    • Adjusted geometry near the Central Pillars to prevent enemy nameplates from appearing through surfaces.
  • Meat
    • Adjusted collision near the Entrance to prevent players from reaching an unintended location.


  • Mutation
    • Mutated Leaper
      • Decreased inner explosive damage radius from 0.6m to 0.1m (-79%).
      • Increased inner explosive damage from 100 to 150 (+50%).
      • Leaps must now travel 18.1m+ for lethal explosive damage to occur.
    • Mutant Juggernaut
      • Decreased maximum health from 1,000 to 750 (-25%).


Light Machine Guns

    • Removed incompatible GRV-Z Short Grip Attachment.


  • COR-45
    • Addressed an exploit allowing a faster fire rate than intended using non-standard input methods.


  • DNA Bomb
    • Fixed an exploit allowing the DNA Bomb to be earned more often than intended in round-based game modes.
  • Missile Drone
    • Improved flight path to prevent obstruction on Emergency.



  • Fixed an issue causing the JAK Signal Burst Conversion Kit on the DM56 to be improperly equipped.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing more damage than intended to be dealt to Elite enemies using the Dead Wire Ammo Mod.



  • Tac Sprint Boots
    • Increased the number of Tac Sprint Boots that spawn in bunkers to 3, up from 1.
      • 1 set of boots in the chest in the treasury room
      • 2 sets of boots in the first bunker room, before the treasury room





  • Addressed an exploit allowing a faster fire rate than intended using non-standard input methods.

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