How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

Concrete can be one of the best ways to spice up your base or any other structure in Minecraft. Aside from being a solid building block, you can also color it any way you want, allowing you to mix and match with different aesthetics. Unfortunately, the process to create Concrete is slightly drawn out and can take some time, so take a look below to see how to craft it in Minecraft.

Making Concrete in Minecraft

Your first step to making Concrete is to craft Concrete Powder, which is the building block used to make the final resource. Concrete Powder is made from the following resources at a crafting table:

  • 4 Sand
  • 4 Gravel
  • A Dye of any color

The sand and gravel are easy enough to acquire, as they are abundantly spread across the major biomes of Minecraft. However, the color dye is another matter. Every color of dye requires a different material to craft. For example, you can take a Cornflower or Lapis Lazuli to a crafting table to make blue dye while green dye is made from smelting a cactus. Whatever color you decide on for your concrete, you need one of them to make eight Concrete Powder. The exact recipe is shown below.

The recipe for Concrete Powder
The recipe for Concrete Powder

Once you have your Concrete Powder, find any body of water and place the Concrete Powder either in or above the water. The powder will turn into a solid block of Concrete when it touches the water source, allowing you to mine it with a pickaxe and add the Concrete block to your inventory.

Making Concrete in the water
Making Concrete in the water

The most difficult part of the Concrete creation process is making the dye for the Concrete Powder. You can stockpile dozens of sand and gravel, but finding the right materials to make the color dye you want can be a true hassle. There’s also the tedious process of placing the Concrete Powder in water and then mining the Concrete with a pickaxe.

You can create a Concrete farm to expedite the process, which requires a man-made water source near your base. Make a fairly large pool of water and then place one layer of blocks around the water. You can then place the Concrete Powder quickly inside the blocks, right above the water, and efficiently make Concrete that are all close to one another. Of course, you’ll still have to mine all the Concrete, which takes time no matter how you set things up in Minecraft.

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