How To Make Paper In Minecraft

Paper is one of the most useful materials you can acquire in Minecraft, as it’s a key resource in several high-profile recipes. If you want to enchant a weapon or item, create a map, or use a firework, you need plenty of paper. However, acquiring paper can be a confusing process, so check out the guide below to see how it’s made in Minecraft.

Getting Paper in Minecraft

Fortunately, the process of getting paper is extremely simple once you know what materials you need and where they are located. Paper is made from Sugar Cane, a naturally occurring resource in Minecraft that’s only found by water. More specifically, Sugar Cane can only grow on a block that’s touching a water source directly. It’s a bright-green, stalky plant that’s difficult to miss once you know what it looks like (as seen below).

Sugar Cane is a highly useful resource.
Sugar Cane is a highly useful resource.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I was able to find a solid crop of Sugar Cane directly by a river. However, even a small pond can house some Sugar Cane if you look diligently enough. Whenever you manage to find a Sugar Cane crop, my recommendation is to take it all back with you to your base. Then, you want to get buckets of water and make a small pool with it, using blocks of sand or dirt to surround the pool. From there, place the Sugar Cane on the blocks, allowing it to grow and giving yourself an infinite source of it.

Make sure as many blocks are touching the water source as possible, as that maximizes the amount of Sugar Cane you can place. You also want to ensure you don’t take all the Sugar Cane when harvesting it from your farm. Leave the last bit of Sugar Cane that’s in the ground so it can grow back.

One way or the other, once you have at least three Sugar Cane in your inventory, head to a crafting table. There, place three Sugar Cane horizontally across the table and you’ll be able to produce three pieces of paper. The exact recipe is shown below.

Paper is made from three Sugar Cane
Paper is made from three Sugar Cane

As long as you have a reliable source of Sugar Cane, which is done easily enough with the farm method, you also have an infinite supply of paper in Minecraft.

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