Morbid 90s Children’s Show Is A Blast From The Past, Stream Without Netflix

Aaahh Real Monsters

Aaahh Real Monsters centers on three primary protagonists who all have physical attributes that are equally disturbing and hilarious.

Ickis, voiced by Charlie Adler of Rocko’s Modern Life fame, is a clumsy red monster with giant ears who’s often mistaken for a rabbit by the unsuspecting humans he tries to terrorize. Krumm (David Eccles) is a naked and care-free walking torso who’s covered in stubble and has to carry his eyeballs around with his hands because he doesn’t actually have a head. Oblina (Christine Cavanaugh) is an overachiever not unlike Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger, and looks like an upside-down black and white candy cane with giant lips that I can only describe as Rolling Stones-esque.

These three amateur monsters all study at the Monster Academy under the guidance of The Gromble (Gregg Berger), their aggressive and unforgiving headmaster who demands only the best from his students.

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