Netflix R-Rated Action Horror From Legendary Director Based On Forgotten Novel

John Carpenter's vampires

When it comes to John Carpenter’s film oeuvre, most horror fans are likelier to be fans of movies like Halloween and The Thing than Vampires. And while this fang-filled film isn’t as great as his previous masterpieces (more on this later), it is very engaging and very distinct from most other vampire cinema. If you’re tired of modern vampire movies that feel like they are all telling the same tired story, you’re likely to enjoy Carpenter’s film because it has such a fresh approach.

What is John Carpenter’s Vampires about, though? Based on the forgotten novel Vampire$, this is the tale of an ace vampire hunter who takes care of the undead on behalf of the Catholic Church. After a master vampire slaughters most of the hunter’s team, the man must team up with an old partner, a new priest, and a bitten prostitute to take out this undead threat before it kills them all.

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