Nosferatu Only Exists Thanks To Criminals

Every version of Nosferatu you’ve seen has been painstakingly composited from multiple sources—in some cases, frame by frame. That means it’s been over a century since anyone saw Nosferatu in its intended form. Sadly, unless we invent time travel, no one ever will.

Ironically, Murnau’s changes to distinguish Nosferatu from Dracula are what made it such a great film. Count Orlok’s horrific appearance and unique death contributed to the vampire mythos.

Orlok is the first vampire ever killed by sunlight, a trope now synonymous with the undead. Meanwhile, actor Max Schreck’s makeup made the vampire a creature of terror rather than one of seduction.

All in all the horror genre and cinema in general would look very different if Florence Stoker had gotten her wish. Luckily, a few daring souls decided to break the law, and Nosferatu is still scaring audiences all these years later.

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