Save On Hundreds Of Books, Manga, And Comics With Target’s B2G1 Sale

If you’re looking to pick up some summer reading material, Target has a massive B2G1 sale happening right now that includes thousands of books, comics, and manga. We’ve combed through all the book deals and rounded them up in the lists below. The B2G1 discount is applied once you add three eligible products to your shopping cart. However, it’s only available for Target Circle members, which is the retailer’s free rewards program. Be sure to take a moment and sign up for Target Circle if you’re not already a member.

The promotion also includes video games and other products available at Target’s online store, and you can mix and match categories to get the discounted price. Check out our list of the best video game deals at Target.

If you’re looking for more book discounts, a bunch of novels are also discounted at Amazon ahead of Prime Day 2024, including big discounts on illustrated hardcover editions of The Lord of the Rings. Check out our round-ups of the best early Prime Day deals for more.

Amazon Prime Day 2024 Early Deals

As for Target’s big B2G1 sale, here are the best book, comic, and manga deals available.

Manga Box Sets

Chainsaw Man, Akira, and Naruto manga box set collections
Chainsaw Man, Akira, and Naruto manga box set collections

Easily the most digestible reading material, several excellent manga box sets are on special right now. You can pick up complete box sets of Tokyo Ghoul, Chainsaw Man, and Demon Slayer, and each title consists of several paperback format graphic novels to read through. These are typically packaged with a slipcase, and with these manga collections sharing a uniform design, you can have them easily arranged on your bookshelf.

One of the notable entries on this list is the 35th-anniversary box set for Akira. Not only do you get the original manga in a revised translation with new, right-to-left lettering, but you also get an exclusive iron-on patch and the Akira Club book, a sought-after rarity full of exhaustive behind-the-scenes information and concept art by Katsuhiro Otomo and his collaborators.


Another terrific manga, you can find several of the Berserk deluxe editions on sale at Target. What’s great about these versions of the long-running manga is that they’re essentially a remaster of the manga, reprinting them on oversized and higher-quality paper, bundling them up in faux leather covers, and doing the dark fantasy series justice with this luxurious treatment. If you have a Berserk fan in your home, these make for excellent gifts, and you can find even more related products like T-shirts and the regular paperback editions in the link below.

We’ve also included a link to Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition, an upcoming Blu-ray release for the series of 2010s original video animations. This will be released later in the year and will include the full trilogy of Golden Age animated films.

Graphic Novel and Comics Box Sets

Graphic novel box sets
Graphic novel box sets

Hopping across from Japan to the West, it’s time to see the graphic novel deals at Target! Scott Pilgrim fans can grab all six of the original graphic novels in one deluxe package ahead of its 20th anniversary release in August. You can choose from an original monochrome release or one that republishes the story in color, and both editions come in a very cool deluxe box. You could even get both for a big discount thanks to this promotion.

Another great pick here is Batman: One Bad Day, a set of nine hardcover graphic novels. Each one focuses on a specific Batman villain–Riddler, Bane, Ra’s Al Ghul, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, Catwoman, and Clayface–and each tale is handled by an all-star team of writers and artists. Video game fans can also pick up Dark Souls and Bloodborne collections, or if you’re looking for something to take you back to your childhood Sunday funnies afternoons, the Calvin and Hobbes complete collection is very easy to recommend.

Novel Box Sets

No Caption ProvidedNo Caption Provided

If you’re ready to let your imagination do the heavy lifting, then there are enough books on sale at Target to fill up a library or two. We’ve highlighted some of the best below, including popular sci-fi franchises like Dune and fantasy heavyweights from Middle-earth. You can also pick up several books that were recently adapted for TV, like A Series of Unfortunate Events and Three-Body Problem.

Lord of the Rings fans are spoilt for choice here, as in addition to JRR Tolkien’s original novels, there are also some superb deals available on deluxe versions of the books and other projects that expanded greatly on that world. For younger readers, we’re also listing some fun Young Adult titles, like The Hunger Games, His Dark Materials, and Bluey.



Middle Grade and YA


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