Star Trek Voyager Episode Provides Behind-The-Scenes Clash Over Spirit Of The Franchise

Out of the somewhat tumultuous first season of Star Trek: Voyager, “Emanations” was arguably one of the better episodes, and its conceit–that our own world might be the afterlife to others–is as wild as anything the franchise has ever given us. But Braga and showrunner Michael Piller had their own differing ideas of what Star Trek should be, and that led to major arguments surrounding this episode.

According to Star Trek: Voyager showrunner Michael Piller, “I always felt that [“Emanations”] was more philosophical than dramatic.” He felt that while the episode was “philosophically fascinating,” it ultimately had “too much conversation about philosophy” and not enough of “a strong enough character arc for my tastes.” Braga strongly disagreed with this, and if he had been running the show, the episode would have been even more “brooding and philosophical.”

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