Star Wars Has Completely Forgotten Yoda’s Most Important Lesson

Yoda’s training of Luke focused extensively on the nature of the Force and the Jedi who wield it. Many of his wise words involved how to properly access and use these powers, including the iconic “do, or do not–there is no try” quote.

But he also wants his young Padawan to know what to do (and not to do) with his powers once he is a Jedi Knight.

In the context of the Original Trilogy, Yoda’s comments about using the Force merely “for knowledge and defense, never for attack” make perfect sense.

Obi-Wan never uses the Force in the Original Trilogy to attack his opponents, instead using it to get out of fights (“these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”), and his greatest moment is actually putting his weapon down while fighting Darth Vader. As for Yoda, he notably doesn’t have any weapons himself, never using either a lightsaber or the Force for attack in these early films.

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