Tesla Model Y Juniper facelift spied – new design, slimmer headlights, coming out this year?

Tesla Model Y Juniper facelift spied – new design, slimmer headlights, coming out this year?

We’ve been on the unfortunate receiving end of fake “spyshots” of the facelifted Tesla Model Y – codenamed Project Juniper – for what seems like months now, as unscrupulous individuals use their Photoshop skills in an attempt fool the less detail-oriented for their 15 minutes of Internet fame. But the image above appears to finally be the real deal.

Over the weekend, Reddit user JacklJack posted a photo in the r/TeslaModelY subreddit of a black Model Y wearing camouflage near the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California. Disguise on the front and rear ends indicates there will be significant design changes, just like the similar Project Highland revamp for the Model 3 sedan.

Most importantly, the image isn’t distorted, and all the shutlines (including for the tailgate) appear to be in the right place; JacklJack has also silenced doubters by uploading the full-resolution image. This means we can just about safely assume that Tesla really is testing the Project Juniper model on the road, which indicates the full reveal will happen sooner rather than later, likely over the coming months.

Tesla Model Y Juniper facelift spied – new design, slimmer headlights, coming out this year?

Tesla Model Y facelift render

This would be several months in advance of the Project Juniper’s expected 2025 debut, although reports of the car coming this month are probably wide off the mark, given that this is the first time we’re seeing a test mule. Tesla may have brought the launch forward in order to help revitalise flagging sales, particularly in Europe where the SUV has fallen from first to 18th place.

Expect much of the same changes that graced the Model 3, including a sharper design and a revised interior with a new three-spoke steering wheel, no indicator and wiper stalks, a larger 15-inch infotainment touchscreen and an eight-inch rear touchscreen.

Also expected are several improvements to increase aerodynamic efficiency (which should lead to greater range figures) and reduce noise, vibration and harshness. Many of these have already been quietly implemented into the current 2024 model, including all-round double glazing. Last but not least, you can expect a spicier Performance model than the last, featuring more powerful motors, adaptive dampers, more aggressive styling and bucket seats for the first time.

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