The Acolyte’s Mysterious Lightsaber Stopping Metal Explained

I first discovered cortosis when I played the legendary Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old RepublicKOTOR if you’re nasty. The game didn’t want you to have a lightsaber immediately, but it also wanted to make melee combat against the Sith with a viable option.

The solution? Cortosis swords.

In fact, cortosis weapons showed up in lots of different places in Legends continuity. Like with many things in Star Wars, these appearances often contradict each other. In KOTOR, cortosis is capable of blocking lightsaber blades but does nothing to alter their functionality.

The metal is described in the novel Darth Bane: Path of Destruction as “incredibly dense and difficult to mine.” A description designed, no doubt, to preempt any trolls asking, “Why isn’t everything made with cortosis?”

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