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One of the most hyped up titles over the past couple of years, Zenless Zone Zero, is finally officially out in the wild. The latest game from Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse, Zenless Zone Zero has frequently made appearances at the biggest gaming events since its unveiling in May of 2022, including being featured by Apple during their keynote events, ensuring the title has been seen by many millions of eyeballs. Now that it’s finally out, it feels like it’s all anyone is talking about, and there’s good reason for that. Zenless Zone Zero is immensely impressive and entertaining… at least so far.

I was a MAJOR fan of Genshin Impact back in 2020, even choosing it as our Game of the Year for that year, and I still feel like it absolutely deserves that award. However, I did hit a point in the game where I was just overwhelmed with things to upgrade or improve before I could move any further, and it just kind of… crushed my spirit, I guess. I mean hey, I can’t really complain. I spent well over 100 hours in that beautiful world and never paid a dime. It seems pretty likely that I’ll end up in a similar situation with Zenless Zone Zero given its huge roster of unlockable characters and nearly endless things to upgrade.

Until I hit a point like that though? It’s game on, baby! Zenless Zone Zero is majorly fun. The combat mechanics are really interesting while still being approachable, and the overall style of the game is much more appealing to me than the fantasy setting of Genshin Impact. There’s still lots of waifu fantasy stuff here, but the more cyberpunk setting is a lot more interesting and I’m actually finding the story really intriguing. The characters’ personalities and their voice acting is top notch as well, and there’s a lot of actual laugh out loud humor peppered throughout the game’s dialogue that I’m enjoying a lot.

Zenless Zone Zero is free, and normally that makes it easy to say “Hey this game is cool, but just go ahead and try it and see for yourself!” That’s a little harder to do here though since this particular game clocks in at a whopping 25 GB. Make some room! However, the initial download is a much more reasonable 3.6 GB and you can indeed hop in and play the prologue to basically see what you’re in for before deciding to download the rest of the game from within the app. So I guess I CAN just say… go check this one out for yourself! Zippy combat, style for miles, an eclectic cast of characters and a really interesting universe to explore, there’s tons to enjoy here.

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